You should just ask yourself what comes to mind when you hear the word ‘football’. Is it the ball, or is it the players and the field? Different people actually visualize it is many different ways indeed, and there are also so many other things that have certainly contributed to the great popularity of the much-loved sport. There are so many sports which are available, and all of these are familiar to football, and people end up choosing football over any other sport for some reason, do you know what that reason is? If we want to look at reasons as to why football is popular, a few people may say that it has been loved for so long and more and more people have actually started loving it because of tradition, some more people could say that it is incredibly entertaining and also because of the simplicity of the game indeed.

game indeed.

Some people do have a true passion for the sport, and they show this by exhibiting behaviors that will surprise all of us. When someone is really into a football team, they will actually do anything and everything for the team that the love. They are so loyal that they get annoyed when someone says something even remotely against that team, and that is some beautiful loyalty there. You can actually say that football is one of the most popular, most watched and even most played sport in the world and you would be saying some accurate stuff there, and that is why the love for football is just ever-growing indeed.

  • The world cup is actually the most popular tournament on the planet and for good reason indeed. FIFA is loved by millions, and all of these people have unfaltering love for football, and the sport has captured their heart indeed.

popular tournament

  • Football also features some of the best and also some of the most recognized athletes on the planet. It has people like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi too. These two can be construed as some of the best footballers of this generation, and they are loved so much indeed.
  • There is some notable and fierce rivalry as well, and this will make the people want to watch more football. Rivalry can actually be one of the best things about football.
  • The salary of the players is actually off the roof. Messi has made $111 million, Ronaldo has made $108 million, Neymar has made $90 million, Gareth Bale has made $34.6 million, and finally, Paul Pogba has made $30 million. There are actually hundreds of players who have become millionaires because of football.
  • The media and TV have played a huge role in it becoming more prominent.

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